Home readies to treat puffy eyes

Hello Girlies,

Hope you are doing great !!

Had a late night yesterday which has given me puffy eyes 😦 But the positive person in me saw this as an opportunity to try some of tested remedies on puffy eyes…and Voila .. they worked decently…

Sharing with you some home remedies to treat puffy eyes so that you can enjoy late nights and still look fresh the next morning…

1) Green Tea/Black Tea :

a bags eyes

Both green tea and black tea are great to normalize puffy eyes. The caffeine in the tea helps constrict blood vessels and reduces swelling under eyes. Seep 2 bags of your choice in hot water for couple of minutes and keep it out. Let it cool till it is applicable to the skin and apply it over eyes.( Make sure that the tea bags are cool enough for your sensitive eye skin)  It also reduces inflammation and redness .

2) Cucumber:

cucumber eyes

Put sliced cool cucumber on your eyes .Cucumber soothes skin and if it is dragged out from the refrigerator, the coolness is just way perfect. It relieves the skin puffiness, leaving it rejuvenated and refreshed. The astringent property of cucumber helps blood vessels to constrict.

3) Potato:

Just cool cucumber, you can even use sliced cool potato to reduce puffiness around your eyes.

4) Cold Water splash:

For girls who don’t have the patience/ time to sit and relax with tea bags/ cucumber slices, here another quick fix remedy for puffed eyes: Just splash your face with cold water . It can heal the baggy eyes to some extent. This may be a rude awakening, but the coldness of water will help in constricting blood vessels and also helps in diminishing swelling. Please remember that it wont repair the complete damage but would serve as a temporary solution.

5) Warm salty cotton pads :

Mix Salt in a glass of warm water and with the help of cotton pads put it over the eyelids. Let it remain for some minutes and you can witness the amazing results right in front of your eyes.

6) Cold spoon :

cold spoon eyes 

A weird but worth trying remedy :  spoons can help you to combat bags under eyes. All you need to do is – Put two curved teaspoons in the fridge and let it cool for awhile. After some time, take out one and put it on the swelled eyes. After the spoon regains normal temperature, replace it with the other spoon and apply the same way. The coolness from the spoons leaves the eyes to get pampered and calm.

Hope you find this post useful.. Suggestions , feedback & comments are welcome 🙂  Do lemme know if these remedies worked out for u girls as well .

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