Tips to paint your Nails

Hello Girlies,

Thought i could share a small & simple post about how to get our nails painted in the right style. The tutorial that i am sharing below is just a basic way of applying nail color in the right manner so that you nails look beautiful.


So lets get started :

1) Behind the scenes: Before you actually put on the nail color, make sure you have a clean nail surface – use an acetone free polish remover to remove any oil or lotion, ensuring the nail plate is free of grease or dirt.  Wash and dry hands. You can apply a hand lotion to restore the moisture lost after application of Nail Paint remover.

2) Basic coat  : Apply a base coat (transparent one) so that you have a smooth surface for further application.

3) Applying the Nail Color : the most important step. Apply 1 to 2 coats (depending upon what type of polish you are using or depth of colour desired) of colour polish. Apply the polish lightly and quickly using sweeping strokes. Start from the base to the free edge in the order shown in the illustration.

nail polish

Polish should be thin enough to flow freely. Apply the first coat of polish thinly – any streaks will even out with the second coat.  Keeping the polish coats thin is the secret to prevent chipping!

4) Let it Dry : Make sure you give enough time for each coat to be touch dry before applying the next one.

Tip : Dip you fingers in Ice cold water (after 3 mins of initial normal air drying ) to hasten the drying process. The cold water helps to lock in the nail paint .

nails dipped in ice

Voila… you have your perfectly colored nails ready 🙂

Comments/ feedback are welcome 🙂

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