Coffee n Honey scrub

Hello lovelies,

Being a coffee lover, I decided to try using coffee for skincare… So I came up with this scrub which gives a moisturising effect and acts as a scrub as well….

You would need :- simple ingredients easily available at home…
Some coarsely ground coffee, honey, sugar granules, few drops of lemon juice….


Mix all these ingredients to get a texture as shown in the below image… Apply this mix immediately
On skin while the sugar is still in granular form so that you get a scrubbing effect. Leave on this scrub for 15 mins on your skin, then wash off with warm water…..voila… You have soft, supple skin ready 🙂

Plz note: try using some of the mix on your hand first to check compatibility with your skin.


Hope you find this post useful….. Do lemme know if this scrub works wonders on your skin….

Stay gorgeous !!!

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