Colorbar Emphaseyes Eye Blending Brush

Hello Girlies,

I was out of action for a couple of days due to cough & cold… During this resting period…I decided that it’s time I do some product review.. So here comes my first ever Product Review………. ( fingers crossed…I get it right )

Girls, presenting to you… Colorbar Emphaseyes Eye Blending Brush … amongst the whole lot of make up brushes launched by Colorbar in 2013, the eye brushes are worth trying especially for girlies who would like to get good blending effects using a budget brush.

The product :

Playfully dramatic eyes are just a few sweeps away with this almond shaped cutie. The tapered brush head is perfect for applying and blending powder eye shadows and also diffusing stark lines in the eye makeup.

  • The ultra-soft, packed natural bristles provide full color intensity to small areas.
  • Use all over the lid for full, opaque coverage, and on the lower lid and also in the crease to add contour.

colorbar-blending-brush-close up

My inputs on the product:

Appearance: The brush has a white and black body with colorful (orangey yellow ) bristles . Bristles are synthetic but quite smooth and don’t leave any scratches (Thankfully!)

The brush has flat but decently fluffy bristles which I found very useful while applying a single shade eye shadow. The bristles give good coverage and color pay-off; not dense enough to pack color intensely on the lid but for medium intensity wash of color, its quite good.The brush is very handy when it comes to blending harsh lines/strokes. It easily softens edges and blends eye shadows in the crease. It has reasonably smooth bristles – gentle on the eye area and doesn’t shed on washing.

colorbar-emphaseyes-front packaging

Brownie Points for Colorbar Emphaseyes Eye Blending Brush:

  1. Has soft bristles
  2. Flat yet fluffy brush
  3. Can be used to apply wash of eye shadow over lid
  4. Can be used to blend eye shadows together
  5. Can be used to soften edges in the crease line
  6. Doesn’t shed
  7. Is extremely affordable

Negative Points for Colorbar Emphaseyes Eye Blending Brush:

  1. Could have been a little more fluffier to give an extra soft touch .

The review in a nutshell:

The brush is a good buy as a “budget eye blending brush” as it gives good application for a single wash of eye shadow and softens , blends the colors.

Rating: 3.8/5

Phew…. dat was a lot of effort… Hope I have covered all the important points.

Do leave in your comments !!

Stay gorgeous 🙂

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