5 Must Have’s in your Makeup Kit

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The other day I was making a list of all the products in my Makeup Kit…With the growing size of my make up kit, it’s becoming difficult to manage it.. (I sooo need tips to organize my vanity case !! ) while doing this activity, I thought why not have a compact make-up kit which consists of just the essential products…  So here’s my list of 5 Must Have’s in your Makeup Kit :

basic make up kit

 BB Cream: This wonder product multi benefits ! From toning to moisturizing to brightening, the BB Cream is suitable for all skin types and fits in the most compact of makeup kits!

Kohl/ Kajal: The Kohl/ Kajal is the game changer on a bad day! Just a simple swipe on your upper and lower lashes is all that you need to look effortlessly dramatic!

Lip Product:  Any lip product: Lip colour/ Lip balm/ Lip gloss… anything that would add on some colour to your lips and keep it hydrated !

Blush: Blush can be used for a day or night occasion. It adds a natural blush to your skin tone making you look fresh faced at all times!

Eye and Lip Makeup Remover:  Makeup remover is a must have to keep your skin healthy and clean. Removing makeup is as important as applying it. Sleep on a cleansed face to keep that glow intact!

This is a basic list which would help you sail through any occasion without any fuss.

This is my list of make-up essentials …. whats on your list ??

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