About ME


Hello Girlies… Welcome to my blog !! 🙂

Just like any other girl , my passion for beauty, makeup, living life in style got me hooked onto various beauty blogs. Over the past few years, I have gained a decent amount of experience on various beauty tips, beauty products and styling in general which I wish to share you all over this blog.

Somethings about me:

  • I am 25, and I belong to Mumbai and I firmly believe in “Never say Die ” attitude !!
  • I am a Management graduate and a Corporate slave by daylight and blogging about beauty is a passion for me.
  • I am a fair skinned girl ( skin type: combination skin) with straight hair so all my product reviews would be mostly geared towards that skin tone and hair texture.
  • All the tips shared, product reviews done are based on my own opinion .

Phew…that’s a quite a lot info about me… Hope you find my blog useful and become a regular follower of it.

Feedback and comments are always welcome !! 🙂

Happy reading Girlies !!

Stay Gorgeous as always 🙂

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