A guide for Face Contouring

Hello Lovely girls,

Wanna get that perfect sculpted  face ? well, then read on … I’ll try to make this as simple as possible with help of pictures so that you get a hang of it.

To start of face contouring, you would require:

  • A Highlighting product : They contain luminescent particles to give the skin a beautiful sheen. Because they refract light, it draws attention into the face so they are applied on areas of the face that we want to emphasize. They come in many undertones such as gold, pink, peach and neutral. They come in different forms too (such as powder, cream or gel) but my favourite is a cream product.
  • Contouring Product: Make sure the contouring product is matte (non shimmer) and that it’s a few shades darker than your skin tone.  This product works by shading areas to create shadow to de-emphasize certain areas of the face.
  • Good Quality face brushes: Make sure you use high quality brushes which would spread out the product evenly.
  • Fingers: Using fingers is the best way to spread out a cream based product.
  • PATIENCE: The most important ingredient !! If you are a beginner in Face contouring, you would require loads of patience to master this art . 😀

Now lets get started with Contouring:

  • Apply the contour on – corners of your hairline, middle of your cheek (starting from your ear moving near the lips in a downward direction), just below your lips (center spot), jaw line, outer side of your Nose bridge, temples of your face.
  • Apply Highlighter on– T zone (horizontal area just above your eyebrows, area between eyebrows, nose bridge, cheekbones, chin, area surrounding your nose.
  • Blend: Blend, blend and blend the product well . You need to be very light in your touch. Try to look as natural as possible. Avoid obvious colour indifferences and streaks. Work lightly and build up gradually to avoid the face looking muddy. Blending is very important. Take your time.

Take a look at this picture to get a better understanding of the areas which are to be contoured and highlighted. Brown areas represent Contouring & white ones are Highlighters:

face contour

Contouring can be tricky to master, especially for daytime looks. I would recommend trying out contouring for evening events (where mess ups are easier to hide) until you get the hang of it!

Hope you enjoy this post !! Do lemme know your contouring experiences through comments.

Stay gorgeous always 🙂

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